About Ellie

Working in the healthcare sector since 2005, Ellie has practiced within the NHS and in the private sector (UK and internationally). She specialises in biomechanical assessments, diagnosis and treatment of mechanically induced foot pathology as well as nail and skin care and diabetic foot care. Ellie is qualified to perform dry needling for verrucae as well as using low-level laser to treat musculoskeletal problems, fungal nails and verrucae.

Ellie holds the following professional qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine – University of East London
  • Mental Health Nursing qualification – University of Bedfordshire
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy for the Complementary Therapies

Passionate about achieving the best outcomes for her patients, Ellie is continuously expanding her skills by attending conferences, specialised training and seminars to enhance her knowledge and maintain best practice.

In addition to this continuing professional development, she is an avid reader of the latest podiatric journals and publications, as well as investigating medical advances in different fields that may have a positive impact on her clients’ well-being. She also works closely with other Health Care professionals so that she can offer referrals and guidance to supplement or improve the efficacy of her treatments.