The word Biopsychosocial is a combination of three words physical, psychological and social Despite podiatry focuses mainly on lower limb, which is a physical aspect of persons well being psychological and social aspects should also be taken into account in order to have full picture of persons overall well being as all three factors, physical, psychological and social are connected. Com ducting thorough assessment including all three areas will enable to formulate and deliver best possible care and treatment options that will promote faster recovery.

Having good understanding of the person as an individual is paramount in order to satisfy their needs and expectations and to make their experiences positive as well as to deliver high quality care

Being non-judgmental helps to build better professional patient-clinician relationship and shows respect and dignity to patients. Non-judgemental approach will allow the person to speak freely and comfortably about their most sensitive problems without feeling of being judged.

Remaining non-judgemental should be something every clinician should be striving to implement it in their every day practice.

I believe that every podiatrist should be striving to continuously improve patients’ health and well being. Improvement can be achieved through professionalism and good patient-clinician relationship as well as through health care promotion and patients involvement and ensuring great patients experience.

Every podiatrist should be open to new ideas, theories and treatments and continuously striving to enhance their knowledge and skills throughout the career. Gaining new knowledge and experience through implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will improve the quality of care delivered and the ability to provide the best possible treatment options currently available. In addition, being open-minded as a podiatrist to me means being able to work with other health profes- signals and other agencies. Working alongside other professions and knowing what they actually do can help a podiatrist with further referrals and effectively speed up the recovery process.

it is important to be nice to patients, their family and friends and to follow NICE guidelines