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What is Dermatoscopy


Dermatoscopy uses a dermatoscope to examine skin lesions, typically associated with skin cancer and similar potentially serious medical occurrences. It is also known as epiluminescence microscopy or dermoscopy, as its inspection and examination of the skin lesions is conducted without any obstruction from skin surface reflections. This technique is especially useful for dermatologists, who use this tool to diagnose and distinguish both malignant and benign cancerous skin lesions, particularly within melanoma diagnosis.


Melanoma, which is a type of malignant skin cancer, is developed from cells that produce pigment known as melanocytes. Occurrence on the mouth is rare for melanoma, and its more usual point of origin is in the skin, though the intestines and eyes are also rare occurrences. For females, melanoma is more dangerous in the lower abdomen, as it usually occurs in the legs, whereas for males it is around the back. Moles are a frequent cause that can consequently result in developing melanomas. Melanomas in moles can be looked at if any changes in its size, colours, or itchiness occurs, as well as breakdown of the skin.


The dermatoscope itself consists of a magnifier as the central tool, along with either a non-polarised or polarised light source. It also has a transparent plate along with the occasional (liquid) medium between the skin and the instrument itself. Should a dermatoscope be used to capture or process images or video digitally, it can be referred to a digital epiluminescence dermatoscope as well, which simply shows that the tool itself is versatile.

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