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What is Podiatry – Blog


Podiatry is a medical practice where the practitioner is trained in diagnosing and treating abnormal conditions that may occur on the lower limbs or feet of an individual. Those who deliver such treatment and diagnose their patients are called podiatrists. Through podiatry, which also means that through us, you can prevent and mitigate deformities on our foot as well as keep you active and mobile, all the while relieving any pains you might have or infections on the foot.


Podiatrists can also act as consultants, giving you and your family professional medical advice on how to care for your feet, and the type of shoes and clothing you should swear to minimise any potential damage to your feet while also being a method of treatment. Podiatrists such as us can treat a plethora of medical concerns occurring on your lower limbs, which include:


      • Toenail infections.
      • Ingrown toenails.
      • Fungal nails.
      • Corn and calluses on the feet.
      • Verrucas
      • Advice for athletes.
      • Treatment for sports injuries.
      • Cracked and dry heels.
      • Flat feet.
      • Heel pain.
      • Bunions.
      • Blisters.
      • Gouts.

And many a few more.


In any circumstance if you have discoloured or thickened toenails, cuts or cracks on the skin due to dryness, verrucas, warts, etc., looking for a podiatrist’s advice is the first thing to do. We here at Happy Feet Happy Mind Ltd provide round-the-clock support for any assistance you may require, as well as experienced consultants for a hands-on treatment.

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